About us


In 1987, Yocheer Printing Company was established in Taichung, Taiwan. Over the past years, Yocheer Printing Company has adhered to the business philosophy of "quality first, customers satisfaction" and provides perfect and full spectrum of services to clients. Gradually, it obtains the outstanding leading position in the same industry by incarnating clients, rigorous requirements on qualities.

Each product in Yocheer not only is the clients' commodity, but also it undertakes a new expectation of our customers. As a result, the best answer to our clients is to consummate our technologies and improve services to become more exquisite.

Therefore, zero distance communications with clients have been admired as a final tradition for a long time in Yocheer Printing Company. In order to gain higher print qualities, the most updated equipments from home and abroad were introduced in our company constantly. We always devote ourselves to seek for production automation, intelligent operation with computer, reducing wastage and innovation on products. To ensure the most perfect services, from the pre-consulting stage, side-print output and control, to the post-quality inspection on products, all of those can meet specific demands of our clients.

In 2005, inspired by the particular needs of international market development and in conversation of improving company's system to enhance moderate management, our general manager, Mr. Lai and his wife established the factory in name of themselves after making a detailed investigation and planning.

Yocheer Printing Company was founded in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province. Kunshan is one of the country's key costal development cities and it is adjacent to Shanghai. Therefore, the congenital conditions for export are outstanding and it has been booming through its operation and development over the past years.

Kunshan Yocheer Printing Company operates a number of paper and plastic printing services, and customer orders come from all over the world. Our company aims to provide high quality products with reasonable price and to try our best to provide the best quality services for every guest. Regardless of nationality or industry, all will get a satisfactory answer in Kunshan Yocheer Printing Company.


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